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Celebrating Thank a Teacher Day 2023: The Impact on Learning and Development

June 21st is National Thank a Teacher Day 2023, a day dedicated to honouring those

exceptional individuals who shape the minds and futures of so many. The Thank a Teacher Day campaign website offers loads of resources to help you show your appreciation- I’ll be sending a card to Mr Miller, my year 6 teacher and football coach; a man that taught me that it’s OK to like both sports and books.

While gratitude alone isn’t enough- teaching is a tough profession, even without the current pressures- by showing appreciation for the educators of the world, we can at least play a small part in creating a culture of learning that extends way beyond individual classrooms.

Like any industry, when teachers feel appreciated and valued, they are more likely to be passionate about their profession and strive for continuous development, seeking to improve their teaching methods and expand their subject expertise. They become advocates for continuous learning, proving that a thirst for knowledge is not limited to school. Outside of schools, by honouring teachers collectively, we as a society are recognising the value of knowledge and the continuous pursuit of it, creating a culture where learning and development are prioritised and celebrated.

If you think back to your school days (a scarily long time ago for many of us), was there a teacher who made a lasting impact on your life? Someone who inspired you, believed in you when you doubted yourself, and ignited a passion for learning? You may not have phrased it like that at the time. I certainly wouldn’t have. I would probably have just said “That Mr Miller’s alright,” but the sentiment is the same and I know now that I was lucky to have had him as my teacher. By recognizing and appreciating teachers, we reinforce the importance of education and inspire a passion for learning in both educators and students. So, to all the Mr Millers of the world, thank you.

Go to to see how you can get involved and show a special teacher how much they’re appreciated.

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