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Our learning solutions are bespoke to you - please select the area you are most interested in from the following groups:

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Top Teams 2

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

Helen Keller

Top Teams

What makes a good team a top team? Trust, cohesion, communication, shared purpose and goals, diversity, skills? There is a lot to get right if you are going to create a top team, and a lot at stake if you don’t. Most teams improve over time, but a bespoke development session can accelerate the journey to high performance. They can be standalone sessions, or form part of a wider leadership or management development programme. 


Great for:

  • Building Top Teams

  • Increasing Team Effectiveness

  • Improving Working Relationships or Conflict Resolution

  • New Teams or Changes to Team Members

  • Project Teams and Project Start Ups

  • Team Away Days

We have fresh, interactive and effective approaches to developing the essential ingredients of top teams. These include:



By looking at individual strengths and preferences for working team members can appreciate the value they, and others, bring to the team and how their unique strengths can increase team performance and resilience. Using the Insights team wheel (and the colourful floor mat!) we bring these individual preferences together to evaluate the effectiveness of the whole team, using the Insights language of colour to make complex discussions simple. Our emphasis on action planning means the team leaves with tangible ways to excel and individuals understand the simple adaptions they can make to get the best from their colleagues. To find out more about Insights Discovery watch the video or download factsheet

Dynamic Team Challenges

True learning means putting knowledge into practice! That’s why we build in team challenges to our sessions – to enable the immediate practical application of new skills and knowledge. Building on from your team evaluation you will apply your action plans to the task in hand, undertaking a comprehensive after action review that includes feedback from our skilled facilitators. We can incorporate indoor challenges into your team development session or, for the more adventurous, we can take you to nature’s playground to tackle challenges such as a rescue mission or survival situation. By working with our partners in River and Ridge we can incorporate a vast range of activities into team challenges, from climbing to canoeing, coasteering to orienteering.   


Rapid Teams Approach

We developed the RAPID team model to accelerate the team development process and fast-track high team performance. Over 10 years of experience has helped us structure this approach, but the tools and exercises used would be selected to meet your unique requirements. To find out more download the RAPID team model.

Leaderful LEaders 2

Leaderful LEADERS

Becoming a leader isn’t something that just happens as you progress within an organisation. In fact, is has very little to do with your job title or your level of seniority – in thriving organisations individuals bring leadership to the table whatever their grade or position. For us, leaders are those people who bring together the collective efforts of others to achieve a greater good. How leaders do this is fundamental – not through exerting positional power, but through their behaviours and core skills, their clarity of purpose and their values. They live their leadership in authentic day-to-day interactions with others, thoughtfully using their personal strengths and influence. 

People are not born leaders, nor are they born with personality traits that are required for leadership. Leaders continually learn and improve, developing self awareness to better understand their natural style, the impact it has on others, and their strengths and stretch areas. They find an authenticity that is unique to them, from which they can make adaptions to suit the needs of others. They appreciate that developing as a leader will be a lifelong pursuit, gaining skills, knowledge and confidence at different stages of their journey.

Great for:

  • Anyone who relies on their own or the collective efforts of others to achieve outcomes

  • Aspiring, Experienced and Senior Leaders

  • Managers, Team Leaders and Project Managers

  • Consultants, Collaborative Leaders and Entrepreneurs

Our vast experience and extensive range of leadership development approaches mean that we can tailor an offer something that will work for you. From executive coaching to an accredited level 7 programme, we couple the most current thinking and theory with an emphasis on practical application and reflection. 

Our Solutions:

  • 90 minute SnapSessions on a range of key strategic leadership topics

  • Executive Coaching to help leaders reflect, prioritise and take action 

  • Profiling and Feedback sessions using Insights Discovery, EQi 2.0 (emotional intelligence) and MTQ48 (resilience) to help leaders to understand their strengths and preferences, as well as their stretch areas

  • Workshops and Masterclasses on key leadership topics, with up-to-date theories and models that you can take away and use immediately

  • Leadership Development Programmes to help leaders develop knowledge and skills

  • Level 5 and 7 ilm accredited programmes in Leadership and management or Coaching and Mentoring

  • Special interest sessions, such as Leadership Through a Female Lens


“Most of us have more potential than we will ever develop. What holds us back is often courage.”

Gary Chapman

Masterful Managers 2

“Increasingly, management’s role is not to organiSe work, but to direct passion and purpose.” 

Greg Satell

Masterful MANAGERS

Mastering management is no mean feat. It involves using the right skills and knowledge at the right time whilst continuing to balance the needs of the individuals and the organisation. Management is not about telling other people what to do, but on creating a place where everyone uses their unique skills and strengths to the best of their abilities. A great manager enables and inspires the collective efforts of teams and igniting the passion of individuals. They also make decisions, delegate, plan in the short and long term, monitor progress, adapt their approach, develop others and respond to ongoing change. In fact, in our fast-paced world the need for management and leadership is essential, with both elements existing in managers and leaders at all levels.

Our focus in on ‘practical knowledge’ – passing on highly effective tools, techniques and theories with an emphasis on how managers will use them and when, coupled with development of the skills needed to use them well. At the end of a session managers will be confident and competent enough to use new approaches effectively. We also emphasise the importance of learning together and encourage managers to use approaches openly with their teams, capturing the collective intelligence and creating a trusting environment. 

Great for:

  • Anyone who relies on the collective efforts of others to achieve outcomes

  • Aspiring Managers and those with temporary management responsibilities

  • Experienced and Senior Leaders

  • Experienced Managers, Team Leaders, Project Managers and Senior Managers

  • Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

Our management development approaches can be delivered as face to face sessions, webinars, online modules, or as a blend. They can also be used as standalone modules or as part of a broader management development programme. 

Our Solutions:

  • 90 minute Snap Sessions on the essentials of effective management

  • Coaching, including Executive Coaching

  • Profiling and Feedback sessions using Insights Discovery, EQi 2.0 (emotional intelligence) and MTQ48 (resilience) to help managers to understand their strengths and preferences, as well as their stretch areas

  • Workshops and Masterclasses covering a range of management topics

  • Bespoke Management Development Programmes

  • Level 5 & Level 7 ilm accredited programmes in Leadership and Management or Coaching and Mentoring

Impactful Individuals


Making the right impact makes all the difference. Whether it be the way you communicate, your resilience, your ability to be heard and influence others, all of these shape our relationships with others. They can also be the difference between success or a painful lack of progress in the work we do. 

Thankfully these are skills and behaviours that anyone can develop. Your impact and purpose starts with understanding yourself – your values, style and working preferences and how your natural approaches might land with others. When you know yourself well you can play to your strengths and better use them, as well as shining a spotlight on an area that regular trips you up or lets you down. You can also see the potential and differing strengths of others, and adapt your own approach to get the best from them, creating resilient teams and avoiding risky assumptions.

Great for:

  • Anyone who wants to be the best they can be by better understanding themselves and others

  • Anyone who wants to make an authentic impact and build better relationships (who doesn’t?!)

  • Individuals who appreciate that what they say and do is critical to their influence, management and leadership

  • Individuals, leader and managers who want to fine tune aspects of their behaviour to further enhance their effectiveness

Our approach to developing impactful individuals is varied, involving face to face or online sessions, which work as standalone learning or as part of a broader development programme. Topic areas include emotional intelligence, resilience, communication, influence, purpose, values and behaviours and having courageous conversations. 

Our Solutions:

  • 90 minute SnapSessions on key topics

  • Workshops and Masterclasses to help individuals to understand what they need to be impactful

  • Profiling and Feedback sessions using Insights Discovery, EQi 2.0 (emotional intelligence) and MTQ48 (resilience) to help individuals to understand their strengths and preferences, as well as their stretch areas

  • 360 feedback including bespoke 360s or using the profiling tools above

  • Coaching, including Executive Coaching, to help individuals to reflect and take action

  • Level 5 and Level 7 ilm accredited programmes in Leadership and Management as well as Coaching and Mentoring


“You never get a second chance to make a first impression” 

Will Rogers

Optimal Organisations
Home page optimal organisations [new].jp

“Culture eats strategy
for breakfast” 

Peter Drucker



Some organisations just seem to thrive, attract the best talent and balance productivity with wellbeing and engagement. Why is that?! We can help you answer that question and more importantly work with you to become one of those organisations. Our consultancy services begin with understanding you and your people then focus on building trusted strategic partnerships. We specialise in creating positive cultures, where your organisation retains what is working and has plans in place to shift what is not. We can support you in creating plans that bring together the best parts of change management and change leadership and recommend ways to establish and nurture learning and knowledge sharing. 

We have supported many organisations and businesses, across all sectors and of all sizes to exceed their expectations. Our portfolio includes scoping and developing strategy, running assessment centres, developing succession and talent policies and plans, designing competency frameworks and conducting training needs analysis. We have also spoken on pertinent topics such as resilience and female leadership at conferences and provided facilitation of senior leadership teams and collaborative working groups.

“We started working with Leaderful Action 2 years ago, initially on specific requirements in relation to staff development and coaching. In the last 18 months we’ve worked with Allison and the team on a talent management and culture change initiative, this has been a significant piece of work and provided a programme and approach which allows us to identify and develop talent and capability across the Force. Leaderful Action understand the business and are fully engaged and embedded within the Force, they’ve exceeded our expectations and have added a different dimension to our offering in this area”.

- Neil Lewis, Head of People Services, Gwent Police


Great for:

  • Large or medium size organisations who are looking for strategic input and the sharing of expertise and best practice in certain areas.

  • Smaller organisations whose development would be accelerated with some expert input on their people and culture.

  • HR and L&D teams who would like to some additional skills and knowledge in their teams for a limited period.

  • Leadership teams and collaborative teams whose meetings and discussions could be more efficient and effective with skilled facilitation.

Our Solutions:

  • Snap Sessions of up to 90 minutes on specific topics based on your organisational needs

  • Consultancy on organisational development and strategy

  • Coaching for senior leaders or teams

  • Bespoke programmes focusing on key leadership and management topics


Confident  COACHES

Coaching is one of the most satisfying experiences there is. Whether you are a manager who is committed to developing your team members, or an individual who would like to take on the role of coach, coaching is one of the richest learning experiences, for all involved. It is also a great way of aligning and progressing individual and business goals, building commitment and ownership to both, making for a perfect win-win approach. It’s also a privilege and a reward to be support someone else to achieve and thrive.

Coaching skills can help manage difficult conversations, nurture talent, scope and meet the needs of clients and stakeholders, and improve or exceed performance. In terms of leadership and management skills we believe it is the most versatile and useful tool to have in your kit. 

Great for:

  • Managers and leaders who want to use a coaching approach as part of their natural style, or as a vital tool in their toolkit

  • Leaders, Managers, Collaborators and Consultants who need to establish shared goals, really understand complex situations and move forward with the commitment and engagement of others

  • People whose role involves coaching or mentoring others within their organisations or as part of their roles, for example HR Business Partners, Mentors, Sports Coaches 

  • Individuals who would like to pursue a career or role as a coach or mentor and need a recognised qualification to get started

  • Organisations who want to develop a learning or coaching
    culture and experience the positive impact of this approach
    across departments and teams

  • Anyone curious about better understanding human behaviour and motivation, and how they can better achieve their own goals and support others in achieving theirs’

Our Solutions:

  • 90 minute introductions to coaching and/or mentoring

  • Workshops that can be standalone or as a module on a wider development programme 

  • Masterclasses for qualified and experienced coaches and coaching networks, designed to sharpen the saw and keep coaching relevant and professional

  • Bespoke programmes to support organisational initiatives or strategic outcomes through coaching and mentoring, which can include consultancy and support in setting up coaching networks and cultures

  • Level 5 and Level 7 Coaching qualifications accredited through the ilm (Institute of Leadership and Management), providing you with a recognised qualification and the knowledge that your programme is of the highest quality. 

For a taster of what you can expect as part of our courses check out the taster video on our blog here.


“The people we invite on the train are those with whom we are prepared to be vulnerable and real, with whom there is no room for masks and games. They strengthen us when we falter and remind us of the journey’s purpose when we become distracted by the scenery.
And we do the same for them.” 


Arianna Huffington

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