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We have the expert capability to create face to face, virtual and blended learning solutions using different approaches and technologies to create solutions that work for your people and your business. Learners can also use our virtual learning environment (VLE) to take part in social learning as well as accessing materials and further learning from their programmes. 

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Leadership & 

Because people learn in different ways and have different needs and goals, we have a range of different learning methods. In all cases we take a hands-on approach to learning, where interaction and engagement are high and new experiences and active reviewing bring knowledge to life.  Our solutions are grounded in theory, business psychology, expertise and with a focus on finding solutions and planning for positive change.


Accredited at either level 5 or level 7 or simply focussed on your objectives, our programmes are bespoke to you and your business – click the links to view each of our ilm programme 

C*O*A*C*H Coaching and Mentoring Level 5

COACH Plus Executive Coaching and Mentoring Level 7

IMPACT senior leadership programme Level 7

Courses, Workshops and Masterclasses 

Half and full day facilitated sessions, or live virtual sessions providing specialist input on subjects such as strategic thinking, courageous conversations, emotional intelligence and developing others. We also have specialist sessions on Female Leadership to support women at every stage of their career.


Short, snappy and straight-talking sessions (60-90 minutes) on topics that build personal and organisational effectiveness. These are engaging and energetic sessions; blending theoretical input, experiences and perspectives, and practical tools and tips to take back to the workplace. 


Provide short (3-4 minute) animated videos on highly useful and current models, frameworks and concepts in key topic areas. They fit the microlearning bill perfectly! They can be used as stand-alone ‘just enough’ learning, as a refresher, or as part of a longer session or programme. This is our SnapShot on the coaching model TGROWS – please use and share with our compliments – it’s a great memory jogger before a coaching conversation!

“Coaching has made a significant change to my future... You have nothing to lose and everything to gain."

- Managing Director and Business Owner



Coaching uses forward-looking conversations to develop and support your leaders, managers and team members without giving answers or removing personal responsibility. By using challenging questions, deep listening and a creative toolkit the coach facilitates learning and discovery in the coachee, and supports them in making workable plans to move forward.

Executive Coaching

Senior leaders are often faced with complex problems, tricky people situations and tough decisions. Executive coaching provides a confidential, reflective, yet challenging, space for leaders to really learn about themselves and their priorities, work through scenarios and agree on next steps.

Profiling, Psychometrics and Feedback

Understanding yourself and others is an essential ingredient of impactful leadership and personal effectiveness. We use a range of profiling tools and psychometric reports, including Insights Discovery, EQi 2.0 for emotional intelligence and MTQ48 for personal resilience, to help you better understand and utilise your strengths, whilst still focussing on your key de-railers. Our executive coaches are skilled in using these reports to give objective feedback and targeted challenges, stretching leaders and accelerating the learning process. 

Performance Coaching 

Coaching isn’t just for senior managers, it can support individuals to excel at every level of the organisation. This is particularly effective when individuals have a goal that they want to achieve over a few weeks or months, or when they are moving into a new role. 

Team Coaching

Coaching doesn’t have to be a one to one conversation, it can involve the whole team learning together, and in turn learning about each other. Team coaching facilitates the agreement and articulation of a shared goal and creates a powerful synergy and forward momentum.

Developing Coaches & 


Coaching Courses, Workshops
and Masterclasses

We believe coaching is the best way to develop others, so it has to be an essential skill of leadership and management. We have tried and tested sessions on coaching that focus on giving you the practical skills you will need to start coaching immediately and bring the best out in your team members.


Coaching Qualifications 

You may want to take your coaching to the next level and become a qualified coach. We offer the ilm level 5 Certificate in Effective Coaching and Mentoring or the ilm level 7 Certificate in Executive and Senior Level Coaches and Mentors. We take a practical approach to the qualifications – our focus is on developing your coaching skills and confidence and on creating credible coaches, rather than passing the assignments (although we have an excellent track record in that area too!). View our C.O.A.C.H programme, accredited by the ilm at Level 5, for an example of our programmes.


For a taster of what you can expect as part of the course check out the taster video here.


Creating Coaching Cultures 

We can provide consultancy and guidance on how best to set up, promote, manage and sustain a coaching culture that works for you. We have worked with many organisations to set up coaching networks that enable business changes, grow talent, support staff wellbeing, develop creativity, engagement and accountability.


Action Learning  

Action learning is another powerful learning tool where colleagues and stakeholders come together in ‘sets’ to support each other to take action on tricky issues or significant opportunities. As well as including action learning on many of our leadership programmes, we can also offer action learning set facilitation programmes that enable organisations to create their own set facilitators. 


Whether these are standalone sessions, or form part of a wider leadership or management development programme, the aim is always to take your team from good to great. We take a strengths-based approach, so look to build on the skills and strengths of the team and its members, creating opportunities to learn together and build trust. Often our team development sessions use Insights Discovery® and its language of colour to tackle the complexities of different styles, motivations and approaches. This is particular good if some people in your team are pulling apart, rather than together. 

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Rapid Teams Approach 

We developed the RAPID team model to accelerate the team development process and fast-track high team performance. Over 10 years of experience has helped us structure this approach, but the tools and exercises used would be selected to meet your unique requirements.

Dynamic Team Challenges

True learning means putting knowledge into practice - so we build team challenges into our sessions to enable the immediate practical application of new skills and knowledge. We can incorporate indoor challenges into your team development session or, for the more adventurous, we can take you outside to tackle some of the challenges available in nature’s playground such as a rescue mission or survival situation. We work with our partners at River and Ridge to offer you all the activities you could need to build that brilliant team. 

Strategic Planning

We can facilitate meetings and strategy planning sessions, bringing focus, objectivity and challenge alongside methods and approaches that will engage all team members. 

Insights Discovery

By looking at individual strengths and preferences team members can appreciate the value they, and others, bring to the team. Using the Insights team wheel (and the colourful floor mat!) we evaluate the effectiveness of the whole team, including its resilience and any skills gaps. Our emphasis on action planning means the team leaves with tangible ways to excel and individuals understand the simple adaptions they can make to get the best from their colleagues. To find out more about Insights Discovery watch the video or download the factsheet

“If learning was as easy as teaching, we’d all be a lot smarter than we are" 

- Mark Twain

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People and organisations can achieve amazing things. But this doesn’t just happen. We will work with you to consciously develop the behaviours, mindsets and cultures that enable you to thrive, building on the strengths, talents and unique skills of your people, managers and leaders.  

“The grass is always greener where you water it.”















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