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The leaderful action 5 Rs Change cycle

We love a model at Leaderful Action - as long as it's user-friendly and based in reality, of course! And there are lots of models that we find really useful in helping us to understand and work through organisational change. But we felt there was something missing, something that brought together what we see happening in organisations undertaking change and which brings together the best parts of the other models we know and use.

Enter the 5 Rs of change. We created this model to give a practical guide to moving an organisation through change. It is based on our shared knowledge of working in organisations and how people react to change.

The model is the foundation for our masterclasses and workshops on change, where we also explore some of the other models and how they can be used. If you'd like to learn more about the model by joining one of our programmes or workshops, please contact us for details.

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