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The joys of LA

No, I’m not talking about sunny Los Angeles(although that would be nice on these cold, wintry days) but the equally delightful Leaderful Action! My name is Jenny and I joined the team here a couple of months ago as a Learning Co-ordinator supporting the amazing array of programmes and workshops we run. The move into this role has been the culmination of a growing passion for learning and development and I’m really excited to be a part of Leaderful Action as we move forward in 2022.

Here are a few thoughts on my experience in joining the team – a full acrostic for Leaderful Action seemed excessive so here are just six things that have struck me so far.

Allison and the team

Where else could I start but with the brilliant and dedicated team behind Leaderful Action? They are all excellent at what they do and every single one of them has been so welcoming and encouraging making it easy to feel right at home. Despite the fast pace of the job, they have all taken time to teach me the ropes and to check in to make sure I’m ok. I’m really blessed to be working with such a great team!

Connecting with clients

Right from the start it has been clear that the team are focussed on providing our clients with the best learning experience possible. It’s great to see such a clear connection between what I am doing on a day to day basis and supporting our learners on their journeys. Our new ILM Level 7 Coaching and Mentoring programme has just started and will be the first programme I co-ordinate from the start; I’m really looking forward to getting to know the delegates and making sure everything goes smoothly for them.

Tackling the whirlwind!

Things move fast here! There’s been a lot to learn; from who’s who to a long list of acronyms and programmes. Most days there is a session of some sort – coaching, one off workshops, ongoing programmes and more. It can be absolutely mind-boggling trying to keep track of all that’s going on and prioritising the tasks but it’s great to be part of team where we all pull together and pitch in when things get busy. I’ve been impressed, too, at how I’ve been encouraged to set time aside for reflection during the first couple of months – to make sure I take stock of what I’m learning rather than just being swept along by the whirlwind.

Insights® at the heart of things

I’ve always been a fan of profiling tools that help increase self-awareness and team performance. Here at Leaderful Action we use Insights® Discovery and I’ve already seen how much clients value the sessions and how helpful they can be to growing the effectiveness of individuals and teams. Internally, knowing everyone’s areas of strength means we can maximise our ability to get things done in the best way. I’ve seen an openness within the team to differences and there’s an acceptance that no one point of view has all the value, which brings me to….

Openness to learning

As you might hope for a learning and development organisation, there is a tangible desire for continual learning within the team. We are constantly looking to improve whether that is responding to feedback from clients or introducing new ideas within the team. Problems or mistakes are leveraged to learn and improve what we do and there is no distinction between those there from the start of Leaderful Action and those who have joined along the way, however recently. It all adds up to an environment that encourages and releases each one of us to be at our best.

New challenges

Joining Leaderful Action marks a new season in my life where I’m able to explore my passion for development and embrace new challenges along the way. At the moment it feels a bit like trying to merge on to a motorway for the first time – everything else is going so fast and I can only manage short bursts before I need to dip out! Gradually, though, I can feel myself getting more comfortable with the pace of it all and more confident in my ability to keep up! Roll on 2022!

Jenny is the Learning Coordinator for our ilm Programmes, Talent Programme, Tanio Programme, and coaching. Huge welcome to the Team Jenny!

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