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Making an IMPACT as a Senior Leader

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

"The most dangerous leadership myth is that leaders are born – that there is a genetic factor to leadership. That’s nonsense; in fact the opposite is true. Leaders are made, rather than born” – Warren Bennis

Supporting and developing individuals is important at every level and for everyone, and senior leaders are no exception. In fact, development at the executive level can have a huge impact on not only the leader, but on the organisation as a whole, as the learning can create ripples throughout the leadership and management team, which then cascades into the various departments and roles.

Our IMPACT Level 7 Leadership and Management Programme is an ideal opportunity for leaders to develop themselves and, in turn, advance their organisation. We named it IMPACT for a reason – it focuses on making a difference to the leader, but also on the difference that leader can make to others through their learning. Here are a few ways that the programme can support both the leader and the organisation.

The Leader

  • IMPACT on knowledge and skills – Obviously this has to be the first one to mention, because we cover a lot of concepts, models, tools and theories on the programme, so there is always something new to discover. We combine tried and tested content with new and updated materials for every programme, which takes into account any new developments in leadership

  • IMPACT on practice – We know it’s important to be able to put your learning into practice so we focus on pragmatic and practical tools and concepts that you can take away and use it in your leadership straight away.

  • IMPACT on networks – you’ll be on a programme with other senior leaders so that you can learn from each other and share ideas. You can also create links that could forge new partnerships between organisations.

  • IMPACT on experience – our facilitators are all senior leaders who have ‘walked the walk’ and who bring real-life examples to the workshops

  • IMPACT on Self-Awareness – find out more about your preferences and your styles to help you to maximise your effectiveness, communication and ability to influence

  • IMPACT on delivery – whether online or face to face, our workshops are built to be fun, interested and engaging, as well as informative. There is always plenty of time for discussion and for practicing skills and we regularly check in to make sure that the delivery is working for the group, adapting where needed.

  • IMPACT on action – action learning sets, executive coaching and tutorial support

  • IMPACT on credibility – successful completion of the course and assignments will give you an ilm certificate in Leadership and Management at Level 7, which evidences your learning and credibility

  • IMPACT on confidence – all of the above can help to increase the confidence and self-efficacy of the leader

The Organisation

  • IMPACT on approaches to leadership – when the leader understands what works in leadership, they can find the approaches that best fit the organisation and the desired culture, based on evidence-based theories and models

  • IMPACT on effectiveness – the leader will be reviewing effectiveness and ways to improve the organisation as part of the programme, and will be encouraged to focus on continuous improvement

  • IMPACT on organisational changes - change can be difficult, but the programme provides the leader with tools to help make changes more manageable for all. It challenges the leader to think about change and to plan for change in a way that they might not usually

  • IMPACT on culture –having senior leaders who believe in the importance of learning usually helps an organisation to develop a learning culture and to be more openminded and agile; opening doors for learning across the organisation

  • IMPACT on commitment – leaders who lead well will gain the trust and commitment from their teams, which will help to move the organisation forward

We have an IMPACT programme starting in MAY 2022. If you’d like to learn more about the programme and how it could help you and your organisation, download the programme information and get in touch for a no-obligation conversation with one of the Leaderful Action Team to find out more.

IMPACT ilm Level 7 Open 2022
Download PDF • 5.40MB

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