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Lights, Camera, Production!

Updated: May 26, 2021

We have learned a LOT about online facilitation over the past 12 months, one thing being that it’s a real juggling act, and when throwing potential technical difficulties, access issues and additional learner support needs into the mix it is often more than one pair of hands can handle. Enter the producer! Our session producers work alongside our facilitators to optimise our learners’ online experience, not only managing the ‘room’ in terms of participant attendance, access and agility, but also monitoring and encouraging levels of engagement and keeping a crucial eye on timings. They keep the momentum going via the chat function – typing and responding to questions, comments and observations – they familiarise themselves with our content and become an integral part of the session by providing high-level ‘in the moment’ feedback to the facilitator to support inclusion and variety in their delivery. Producing with the Leaderful Action team is an active, focussed and fun experience – we’re constantly on the lookout for accomplished multi-taskers who thrive in this environment. Technical confidence and ability to think on your feet is a must – as is a general love for learning, collaborative working and a good sense of humour. We’re all about flexibility – we work around our clients’ needs – meaning you would join us on a self-employed basis to provide production services around a delivery timetable scheduled up to 6 months in advance, usually between 5-12 hours per week (Mon-Fri) depending on requirements. For this you would receive an hourly associate rate and the opportunity to develop your skills in an organisation with passion, purpose and potential at its core. We’ve highlighted the main areas of responsibility below; the ability to deliver these in fluent written/spoken Welsh would be a real bonus.

• On-boarding and registering learners, for example conducting audio/video checks, security checks, renaming participants

• In-session support/troubleshooting i.e. technical difficulties, lateness, access issues

• Being familiar with course content in order to manage timings and in-session activities i.e. chat questions, annotating virtual whiteboards and taking screen shots of in-session resources

• Creating and managing breakout rooms during the event (keeping an eye on who is where, and when!) - watching timings and sending messages to groups/facilitator

• Sharing links to resources, uploading handouts via chat function

• Muting / unmuting microphones where needed and monitoring ‘h

ands up’ function to ensure every voice is heard

• Creating polls and recording / sharing results

• Recording (including pausing during breakouts and breaks) where approved and disseminating the recording.

• Maintaining communication channels i.e. personal messaging between facilitators and support team, private messaging learners experiencing difficulties

• Sharing attendance records, notes and chat transcripts with admin. team post-session

• Making sure everyone can keep calm and carry on – even when the unexpected happens!

If being a ‘Team Leaderful’ producer sounds like your thing, please get in contact by email at or give us a call on 01633 881061 – we’d love to hear from you!


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