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Leaderful action charity of the year 2022

As a team, we believe in supporting others to help them to make difference, and a great way for us to do that is by partnering with charities and the third-sector to help them develop their leaders and their teams. Through this work we can hopefully do our bit.

We know funding is often tight, particularly for smaller charities, so as well as offering charity discounts wherever we can, we also choose one charity per year to support through free leadership and management development opportunities. Usually we choose a charity as a team but this year we wanted to do things a little differently. So we will be opening up this fantastic opportunity to any charities who feel they would benefit from some support from us.

If you'd like the chance to become our Charity of 2022 and receive some free leadership development opportunities from our highly skilled team, all you have to do is apply by the end of April. We aren't looking for a lot of information, just a flavour of how you think working with us would benefit your organisation and the people you work with.

We can only pick one charity of the year but any organisation that applies will be put into a draw to win a free Insights® Discovery profile and feedback session, Insights® deep-dive session or executive coaching session for one of the senior team. You'll also get exclusive access to the Leaderful Action community network.

Download the flyer below for more information or, if you're ready to apply, click here to go straight to the application form

Deadline for applications is Friday 29th April

Charity of the Year 2022
Download PDF • 122KB


Who can apply for the Charity of the Year?

Any charity can apply as long as you are based in the UK - no matter the size or sector, we want to work with you!

What happens when we apply?

After the deadline, our panel will review all of the applications.

If you are successful, we will contact you to arrange an initial meeting to discuss your needs and see what would be the best methods of supporting you and your team.

If you aren't successful we will contact you to let you know and offer you a space on our network page. You'll also be put into a draw to receive a smaller package of support, such as an executive coaching session with one of our coaches.

How will the sessions be delivered?

We envisage that any training or coaching sessions agreed as part of the programme will be delivered online and will be facilitated by an experienced member of the LA team. Who delivers will depend on the topic but please note, we are only able to offer this opportunity in English.

What are the benefits of being the charity of the year?

Free leadership and management support from LA facilitators and coaches, plus free promotion on our website, social media and other avenues.

What should we join the LA Community Network ?

We are setting up an online network to link organisations with one another and to also continue our support through sharing resources, such as articles, videos, podcasts, etc, and also free learning opportunities from Leaderful Action, such as bitesize sessions or Q&A sessions. This will be hosted on Linked In.

What will this cost?

This opportunity is completely free, there will never be any hidden costs to charities applying for the scheme or getting involved in the network. For us at Leadership Action, this is about giving back

What will Leaderful Action need from us?

We'd expect organisations to engage with us, to be committed to the programme that we co-design with you and support your leadership team to take part. We will also ask you to help us to evaluate the impact and, although there is no obligation, we'd love to be able to share your thoughts and your successes with our clients and networks where it is appropriate. This might include recording a short video on what you've gained from the programme, or an infographic on the main changes you've seen as a result of working with us. We would never share your information or your stories without your consent.

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