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Boris' bad day yellow?

Boris Johnson's recent Peppa Pig ramblings led to many people wondering what is going on with our PM. Is he ok, stressed out or incompetent? Looking at this through the Insights Discovery® colours, based on Jung’s preference types, I have a different take...

I think Boris leads with an extraverted feeling preference (those familiar with Insights will know this as yellow energy). Our learners seem to agree with this assessment, as during many an Insights Discovery workshop they identify Boris as leading with yellow then red characteristics. This looks like double extraversion with feeling over thinking - if you are getting political at this point the feeling part isn't really about compassion, more about our decision making preferences.

On a good day extraverted feeling will show up as optimistic, engaging and adaptable. On a bad day it is disorganised, hasty and indiscreet. I think the Peppa Pig ramblings fit the latter pretty well. They also show an over-reliance on talking your way out of something whilst attempting to rely on humour to fill an awkward silence. Again an overuse of those extraverted yellow and red energies.

It wouldn't have been so bad if it wasn't for the audience. The CBI is a not for profit organisation that wants to see change in our economy. As an Insights practitioner I imagine there will be plenty of green and blue energy in that room. These are our introverted types - on a good day organised, thoughtful and principled. I can't know the preferences of the audience, and I wouldn't stereotype on an individual basis, but if you give speeches you should consider your audience and make some authentic adaptions that work for them. In this case Boris didn't and it went very wrong for him. A simple apology until he reorganised his notes would have been an improvement for this audience, even better, he should have prioritised organisation beforehand!

Knowing our strengths and stretch areas as leaders is essential if we are to manage ourselves and better lead and connect with others. It's not pretty when it goes wrong.

Boris, a full Insights profile awaits you if you're ready?



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