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All you need to know about our Open Programmes

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

In March we had a growing number of individuals interested in our two open programmes:

The IMPACT 2020 leadership development programme for senior leaders, and C*O*A*C*H 2020 were both expected to launch in late Spring of 2020. As with many things post CV19, we’ve had to have a bit of a rethink, not only around dates but format too.

But that’s ok because our new blended programmes are looking better than ever – making the most of our newfound enjoyment of homeworking, without losing the best bits of working with peers and a facilitator face to face, in the same room (imagine that!).

Our new plan is to launch both these programmes in first quarter of 2021, so please get in touch via our contact form attached below if you, or someone you know is interested. We can reserve single spaces for individuals and multiple spaces for organisations. We also offer a 10% discount for registered charities.

IMPACT 2021 - Leadership Development Programme for Senior Leaders Qualification: ilm Level 7 Certificate in Leadership and Management

The core elements of the programme are all still in here – cutting edge face to face content, action learning, executive coaching and the action research project that demonstrates how you use your new found skills and knowledge to lead a real challenge or opportunity in your senior and/or strategic role. What’s different is that some of the modules and the executive coaching will be delivered virtually, saving you some travel time and adding a little more flexibility.

Click the button below for full information on this prestigious qualification can be found here, along with testimonials from previous participants.

ILM 7 Certificate, Leadership Management
Download • 871KB

C*O*A*C*H 2021 – Become a Qualified Coach and Mentor ILM Level 5 Certificate in Effective Coaching & Mentoring with Leaderful Action

We’ve been busy with a lot of coaching since lockdown began, so we know that we can effectively coach and develop others virtually during these interesting times. We’re also confident that we can turn our very popular coaching and mentoring qualification into a virtual success too.

After a virtual induction we plan to bring the group together for the first of our five module then move to online delivery for the remainder of the programme. The principles of our semi-intensive format will stay the same, to fully immerse you in the coaching experience, but we’ll be breaking down the modules into two 2 hour virtual sessions per module over the course of each week. They’ll be online coaching practice in between, as well as takeaway tasks and plenty of support for the assignments.

Click the button below for full information on the programme and feedback from previous participants don’t hesitate to call to find out more, on either the content or the virtual delivery – we never tire of discussing all things coaching!

COACH Programme Information - Website ve
Download • 141KB

Check out this video for a taster of what you can expect from one of our courses...


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