Leaderful Action is about passion, purpose and potential and we embody that in our own team. Our strength comes from the trusted relationships that we have with each other, with our clients and with our wider team of associate facilitators and experts. We practice what we preach in terms of using our strengths, and never lose sight of our clients, staying committed to their needs and outcomes as well as our own values. Our team has expertise in digital and online learning, human resources, organisational development, different sectors and professions, and many specialisms from profiling to NLP via resilience. If this all sounds a bit serious Burni and Gino (our office dog and cat) are on hand to bring the fun and frolicks!

Allison is a consultant, facilitator, and executive coach, she has also been Leaderful Action’s Director since 2015. Allison has enjoyed a long (20 years!) and varied career in learning and development, working across all sectors.

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Creative, positive, collaborative, challenging, values based, intuitive and people focussed.

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Committed, engaged, thorough, perceptive, caring and reflective.

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Learning Projects   Manager


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Senior Learning Consultant  & Facilitator

Driven, smart, warm, intelligent  and a keen sense of urgency.

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Digital Learning Designer

Clear thinker, eagle-eyed, quality-driven, pragmatic, creative, organised.

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Learning Co-ordinator

Focussed, organised, positive,
smart, calm and kind.

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Learning Co-ordinator

We are currently recruiting for this post. If you feel you may be suited, please do get in touch! 

(Closing Dates 17th Sept 2021)

Coming Soon

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Adaptable, warm, loyal, understanding, curious and inventive.

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LMS Learning Co-ordinator


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Learning Administrator Apprentice

Sincere, diplomatic, understanding, disciplined, supportive.

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Lead Associate

Warm, engaging, thoughtful, hardworking, optimistic, tenacious.

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Versatile, switched on, challenging, confident, generous and fun.

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Lead Associate


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Knowledgeable, perceptive, enthusiastic, friendly, relaxed and with a great sense of humour,


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Other Associates

We are proud to work with a wider team of trusted associates...


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Other Associates
Gino & Burni
Gino & Burni

Entertaining, energetic, cuddly, pampered,
unpredictable, therapeutic. 

Burni is a crazy collie cross who will rarely be found sleeping, preferring instead to demand affection, good feeling and more walks if she is not staring at, or pursuing the cat.

Gino is a regular rogue of a cat, whose adventures can be seen in the tattered outline of his ears. He loves nothing more than a good smooth and some cat treats, but always on his terms.