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Charity of the Year

Our mission is to 'Make a Difference where it counts'

Part of that mission is to support other organisations to make their own difference in their own way.


Our Charity of the Year partnership allows us to support excellent voluntary sector organisations to go from good to great!


So as well as offering charity discounts on all of our services, we also choose one charity per year to partner with, providing free them with learning and development opportunities, based on the identified needs. 

This could include training, programmes, coaching, eLearning and much more - all for free! 


Charities can also benefit from our team fundraising and promotion on our social media channels. 

It's a unique and beneficial partnership and we'd love for you to get involved! 


"Thank you for all of help & support... 

You have been amazing!"


-Rhian Mannings

CEO of 2Wish 

Charity of the Year 2023


Any UK charity of any size can apply to be our Charity of the Year and every organisation that applies will receive some free learning and development resources . 

We love to work with charities who are working hard to support vulnerable people, charities who are advocating and pushing the boundaries and charities who believe in supporting and developing their staff and volunteers. 

So if you are passionate about making a difference, if you want to see your charity thrive and grow and if you'd like more opportunities to develop your people, then why not apply to be Leaderful Action’s Charity of the Year!


Some things you may need to know

How will the sessions be delivered?

The learning and development opportunities offered will be based on initial discussions with your team to find the right mix of methods and topics.  It may include live and pre-rcorded material, it might be online or in-person. It might include spaces on exisiting courses or bespoke sessions.


Who you work with will depend on the topic but please note, we are only able to offer this opportunity in English.


What will this cost?

This opportunity is completely free, there will never be any hidden costs to charities applying for the scheme or getting involved in the network. For us at Leadership Action, this is about giving back and increasing our ability to make a difference on the ground. 


What will Leaderful Action need from us?

This is an important question. We'd expect organisations and the people who attend to engage with us, to be committed to the programme that we co-design with you and to support your team members to take part.


Throughout the partnership, we will also ask you to help us to evaluate the impact and, although there is no obligation, we'd love to be able to share your thoughts and your successes with our clients and networks where it is appropriate. This might include recording a short video on what you've gained from the programme, or an infographic on the main changes you've seen as a result of working with us. We would never share your information or your stories without your consent.

Ready to Apply?


To apply for this fantastic partnership opportunity, click here to access and complete our short online form.


If you'd prefer an alternative application format, please do get in touch. 


Please make sure you are authorised by your organisation to apply for this partnership before you complete the form. 

Applications must be received by 31st July 2024

All applications will be reviewed by our panel and the top three organisations will be chosen. These will then be put out to vote on social media to help us choose the our Charity of the Year.  You can encourage your teams, your followers and your families and friends to vote for your organisation to increase your chances!  

The winning charity will be contacted early September and the two runners up will be offered some free learning opportunities on our open courses or eLearning. 

Good luck!!

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