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Prefer to learn at a time and pace that works for you? Our self directed learning material puts you in control and lets you work through the content whenever you like.

Our individual modules take around 45mins to complete. Your progress is saved meaning you can take a break and pick up where you left off. Each module covers a particular topic helping you to understand the theory and how to apply it.  


Looking for more of a programme approach? Get in touch with us to register your interest in our self-directed learning programme for first line managers, which will be available soon!

All our content is interactive and contains a mixture of information, videos, exercises and reflective questions to encourage you to apply the learning to your own situation. 

Leading Change

Change can be difficult to navigate – for organisations, teams and individuals. 

If you need to lead change and want to do it as effectively as possible, this course will help you understand:


• Why change can feel difficult
• The difference between managing and leading change  
• The different ways people respond to change
• How we can lead change successfully

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How can you develop a strategy for your organisation or team that fits with your vision and values, allows you to prioritise your resources, and helps you meet ever changing needs and expectations? 

This course can help you consider how to develop an effective strategy by exploring:

• How strategy fits with your vision, values, and outcomes

• The difference between an operational and a strategic perspective

• Some tools to help you think strategically

• How strategies can be adjusted over time as new factors arise  

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A coaching approach is a way to help develop your team's ability to think for themselves, come up with innovative solutions and maximise their performance through the use of non-directive questions and space to think. 

If you want to add coaching to your skills as a manager, this course will help you understand:

• The basics principles of coaching

• How and when using coaching can be helpful

• Developing your listening and questioning skills

• A model to help you structure coaching conversations 

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The modern environment is one characterised by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA). Leadership in this context is challenging and requires a flexible approach. 


If you want to be able to provide strong, agile leadership in the modern world this module will help you to understand:

• VUCA environments and what leaders can do to counter them

• How difference types of problem need different sorts of solutions

• How adaptive leadership principles can help you to lead more effectively in VUCA environments

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Emotional intelligence skills allow you to understand yourself and those around you, manage your behaviour and build relationships with others. Increasing your emotional intelligence can make you more effective as a leader or manager. 

If you are looking to understand your current levels of emotional intelligence and how you can build your skills in this area, this module will help you understand:

• What emotional intelligence is

• Why emotional intelligence is important

• The key skills of emotional intelligence and how to develop them 


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