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Leading Change

The modern environment is one of constant, relentless change. But change is difficult – for organisations, for teams and for individuals. 

Whether you are a leader planning organisational change or looking to understand your own response to change this course is for you.

This course covers:

• Change and the brain
• Why change can feel difficult
• Change Management vs Change Leadership
• Understanding responses to change
• How we can approach change to maximise the chance of success

All our e-modules are interactive and contain a mixture of information, videos, exercises and reflective questions to encourage you to apply the learning to your own situation.

60 minutes


Making a difference

" From a small
seed, a mighty
trunk may grow" 

- Aeschylus

Tree Sketch.png

is what makes us tick

Working with you to deliver tangible results at the individual, team and organisational level. Where it counts is important to us – we have a particular calling to work with our public services and third sector, providing excellent learning experiences to those who have direct impact on our societies and communities, without diminishing their budgets with unreasonable prices and additional fees. 


Despite our extensive experience in the public sector, we are also committed to working with private businesses that value their people and understand the role of learning and development in growing individuals and in turn the bottom line. Our track record of delivering positive outcomes for both businesses and individuals has its foundation in this shared ethos and aligned values. This enables sustained growth and wellbeing through purposeful and positive leadership, values that are lived in behaviours and trusted relationships with both colleagues and customers.


Partnership working is at the core of our work and we have formed strong alliances with long term clients and associates. We are adaptable and creative in our approach, focussed on delivering what our clients need using the best possible resources. This is seen in the range of approaches we offer and in the bespoke nature of our materials, sessions and learning outcomes. We have expert capability in face to face and digital learning, using videos, e-learning modules, webinars, masterclasses and dynamic learning to maximum effect. 


“We need organisations that can empower every capable and willing employee to assume leadership in the moment, in their relationships with peers, team members, customers, suppliers and other organisational partners."

- Raelin, 2004

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