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We can offer a series of bespoke ‘group-dynamics’ programmes where a group must employ cooperation, collaboration and effort to gain solutions.

Please also see our new product RAPID teams; a process developed from 10 years of experience facilitating team improvements.

In particular, programmes focusing on specific organisational issues can be designed:

This problem orientated approach to learning can be useful in developing each individual's awareness of leadership and the obligations and strengths of each member within a group. Additionally, these initiatives can be used to promote an individual's sense of their own competence and serve to help break down some of the stereotypes which exist in any social network.

Training can involve all individuals and provide a place where leadership experimentation is able take place in a safe and supportive environment. Such exercises are a 'no-risk' context for leaders to make mistakes that are not permissible elsewhere and the 'followers' within the exercise will also understand this. 

Equally, the qualities of followership are also practiced.

Within exercises, the development programme concentrates on certain factors to ensure success; bringing about realistic leadership improvements that are enduring and have a chance of being applied back in the workplace. We do this by:

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