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Dynamic Team Building Events and our new RAPID teams

Effective when new teams are forming or current teams would like to identify areas to facilitate improved performance.

Designed to meet the specific needs of your team and be as short as ½ day depending on the time your team has available. They can incorporate a blend of academic theory and dynamic exercises, which are designed to fit your organisational culture and the participants' physical ability level.

Our new product RAPID Teams explains a process we use that has deveoped over 10 years of facilitating improvement with teams.

Click on RAPID teams to see our approach.

"The Leaderful Action team always bring out the best in our new teams. Their understanding of the team dynamic in our unique structure is excellent. Mix this with their ability to bring out the best in the individuals and how they get the best out of each other gives us a great solid base start the year and to enable the team to perform at their highest level."

Steve Wilford - Director of Membership Services Cardiff University January 2016



The process involves a series of engaging and fun practical challenges, either indoors or out, using a structured approach to experiential learning and active reviewing.

We can also use Profiling to add another dimension to the team's learning process.


Three day Senior Management Team build Event - this event was held in Tenby using outdoor events on the beach and surrounding areas underpined by the Belbin team profilig tool. Some comments:

"I absolutely recommend the use of Leaderful Action for a challenging, dynamic and highly effective team build experience. They successfully and professionally blended the need for flexibility throughout the 3-day event , with academic team/leadership theory and carefully planned exercises"

Jason Dunlop General Manager Cardiff University Student’s Union


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