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Your role as a leader requires you to influence people just about all of the time. 

This may take the form of gaining support, inspiring, persuading or creating relationships. Whatever form it takes, being a good influencer will make your role easier and enable you to get what you want.

Influencing is about understanding yourself and the affect or impact you have on others. Behaviour and attitude change are what’s important: learning to adapt your personal style when you become aware of the effect you are having on other people.

Influencing - what it isn't:

Good influencers are likely to display a variety of personal characteristics, which can help to positively influence other peoples’ perceptions, e.g.:

Designed for:

Leaders who rely on obtaining co-operation through consent rather than the exercise of authority.

We can offer Influence-skills as a one day in-house course or as a one-to-one coaching programme.

Our preference is always to tailor a course to meet your needs. (No extra charge for this) It usually takes the form of an initial conversation to better understand your requirements, we then facilitate a face to face meeting to establish your specific needs in more detail and agree outcomes with you. Depending on the needs of a group or individual, areas covered can include:

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