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Facilitators concentrate on providing the resources and opportunities for learning to take place, rather than ‘manage and control learning’
(Bentley, 1994)

This workshop focuses its’ attention on the use of group sessions for problem-solving, innovation, managing projects and meetings, etc.

Do you need someone to look after the process of the meeting so you can contribute fully? Does your meeting have a lot of participants or complex issues? Do you want to bring people together to solve a problem quickly? Is there a danger that conflict or avoidance might compromise the outcome of a meeting?

We traditionally talk about ‘leading the discussion’, and group sessions are often run by the ‘leader’ or ‘manager’ of the group.  The implications are that this person directs the session and controls the outcome.

However, facilitating a session has quite a different air about it.  It is about making it easy for the group to discuss the issue or topic. 

We can offer Facilitation Skills as a one or two day in-house course or as a one-to-one coach the coach programme.

Our approach is tailored to meet your needs. It usually takes the form of an initial conversation to discover what is needed to deal with the problems effectively. We then facilitate a face to face meeting to establish your specific training requirement. Depending on the needs of a group or individual, areas covered can include:

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