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Effective Time Management - 1 Day Workshop

As working environments grow ever more hectic and demanding, the majority of the workforce faces increased workloads and competing priorities. Forward thinking organisations are recognising the need to manage valuable time more wisely through constructive planning and prioritising both in order to maximise the value of your output and minimise the stress that has become a daily part of working life.


Benefiting from time management principles and best practice tools and techniques, delegates will return to work ready to focus their energy, take control, work more effectively and improve productivity. This programme will help delegates discover a new time perspective on your life and just how valuable it is! This course is applicable to anyone who has ever felt they are juggling too many tasks at one time, who wants to be more in control of their life and become more effective and productive in the workplace.


By the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

Topics covered:


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