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Conflict resolution and conflict management have been studied and practiced for years.

Paradoxically, conflict can be healthy and actually enhance our ability to resolve problems, think creatively, and be innovative.

However, inability or refusal to handle or work with conflict typically generates a community where the lack of trust, cooperation, collaboration and communication leads to overall poor performance.

The question is: how do we make sure that we respond in positive, healthy ways to the inevitable conflicts that will arise in our relationships?

We can offer Conflict Management as a one or two day  in-house course or as a one-to-one coaching programme.

Our preference is always to tailor a course to meet your needs. (No extra charge for this) It usually takes the form of an initial conversation to better understand your requirements, we then facilitate a face to face meeting to establish your specific needs in more detail and agree outcomes with you. Depending on the needs of a group or individual, areas covered can include:

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