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Confidence Building

People from all walks of life can lack confidence in themselves for one reason or another. Attending meetings at work, socialising with friends, forming new business relationships, all can be stressful and nerve-wracking.

This course is suitable for people who struggle to communicate and come across with a lack of confidence and personal impact.

The aim of this workshop is to ensure that delegates have the confidence and self-belief to deal with situations outside their comfort zone. To ensure that delegates can influence a situation or person with more self-confidence and impact by using a range of effective communication skills and psychological techniques.

We can offer Confidence Building as a one or two day in-house course or as a one-to-one coaching programme.

Our approach is tailored to meet your needs. It usually takes the form of an initial conversation to discover what is needed to deal with the problems effectively. We then facilitate a face to face meeting to establish your specific training requirement. We can tailor a confidence course if you have a number of individuals with the same need. Areas covered can include:

Delivery Style

The style of presentation is deliberately varied – using trainer input, demonstrations, exercises, open discussions and video clips – to ensure that all learning preferences are met.

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