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Team Oarstruck

Helping a team of adventurers cross the Atlantic.

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New SnapSessions

90 minute sessions on 21st Century Leadership, Think Tough, Developing Insights, EI for Effectiveness and more.

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ILM level 7 Certificate in Leadership & Management

Find out more information about the next cohort.

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Insights Tool Used during Team Development Event

Insights profiling used to deepen self-awareness and build improved communication and teamwork.

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RAPID teams 

A process that has emerged from over 10 years experience facilitating high levels of team performance.

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What's your story?

And more importantly what does it say about your organisation’s culture, values and identity?

We spent a fascinating afternoon exploring the stories of Student Unions from Bristol, Cardiff, Bath and Exeter at their annual conference (April 2017).

From the leading characters to the urban myths passed down through student generations, there were new insights into culture from previously unexplored angles. Stories are compelling – they give us a sense of understanding and belonging, speaking to human emotion in a way that evidence and reason can’t. That makes them vital to leadership. So, if you’re leading change you’ll want to be clear on your organisation’s next chapter.

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