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What our clients say

‘The process and the journey was the best’

Senior Management Team - Group Dynamics Event 

'Thank you much for the coaching training - this was the best leadership training I've had. I can say that you are an inspiring teacher.'

Director - Allied Health Board

How We Do It

Because people learn in different ways we have a range of different learning methods.

To find out more about our unique approach to learning, visit WHAT WE DO.

Teach a Man to Fish

We take a hands-on approach to learning, where new experiences and ‘active reviewing' bring knowledge to life. Not only does this keep people engaged and energised it allows them to reflect on something real and create meaningful plans from this. Learning how to learn and adapt is as important as acquiring new skills themselves. We use the best classical and contemporary research to underpin insights and actions, and always anchor learning to real workplace challenges.

Blended Learning

We have the experience and capability to create impactful blended learning solutions that can be hosted and accessed through our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Blended learning, the mixing of online and face to face content, offers our clients many benefits:

  • A flexible and tailored approach to learning with individuals accessing online sessions in a way that works for them
  • Minimising the impact on business, the ability to prioritise learning with their wider work priorities
  • The ability to revisit key knowledge in online sessions at times when it is needed
  • The opportunity to apply, practice, discuss and gain feedback on new skills in face to face sessions

In both face to face and online sessions engagement is essential. For our online content we use interactive presentations which are a dynamic blend of recorded facilitation, videos, exercises, downloads and podcasts. We call these ScreenSnaps.

Our Mentoring for Managers programme uses online and face to face modules – our case study provides more information. 


Microlearning describes short bursts of knowledge and input that can be accessed as and when you need it, to improve your immediate effectiveness. In reality, our access to instant information means we do this all the time. For example, you want to give feedback to a team member, you know that there are some effective methods you can use to get this right, your search for them, you take in what you need and you adapt your feedback accordingly. That’s microlearning.

Our SnapShots are short (3-4 minute) focussed animated videos on highly useful and current models, frameworks and concepts in key topic areas. They fit the microlearning bill perfectly! We use these as stand-alone ‘just enough’ learning, as a refresher, or as part of a longer session or programme, be that online or face to face. They can be accessed via a secure area on the web, through a client’s intranet or via our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

This is our SnapShot on TGROWS a model which provides a useful structure to hang your coaching conversations on. Managers who are using a coaching approach, right through to experienced coaches, will find this SnapShot useful. Please use and share this SnapShot with our compliments.

Virtual and Social Learning

Our virtual learning environment (VLE) has been designed to support our learning programmes and our learners. It can be used to:

We can provide our clients with a designated, secure area of our VLE.

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