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Leaderful leadership is a concept that believes in all individuals within an organisation taking responsibility and having the freedom to use their initiative. Underpinning this, managers and leaders promote creativity, innovation and commitment at all levels, rewarding initiative rather than attributing blame.

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Team Oarstruck

“We learnt so much about us all. This is something that will continue to benefit both the team and the individuals for a long time to come.”

What do you do when you come across a group of spirited individuals with a crazy plan? Support them of course!

April 2017

Leaderful Action is delighted to support Team Oarstruck in their bid to cross the Atlantic in the 3000 mile Talisker Whiskey Challenge 2017. When you consider the fact that fewer ´╗┐people have rowed across the Atlantic than have been to space, then you realise that a strong, supportive team becomes a necessity. That’s why we are working with John, Joel, Monty and Hugo – to contribute our expertise in team development (free of charge obviously – this is a charity endeavour!). We’ll be supporting them to exploit individual and team strengths, identity team values and aligned behaviours, understand and manage the factors that undermine their resilience and manage conflict (and boredom!).

Our first session, in March, saw the team selecting and discussing individual and team values. This led to some meaty discussions on how to manage some potential ‘disasters at sea’ – sickness, going backwards, faults and capsized boats. Different approaches, concerns, motivations and values were obvious, with team values helping to determine a shared outcome and approach. All good practice for the real thing!

Next session looks more at valuing difference using the trusted Insights Discovery profiling tool. We don’t know where the guys sit on the team wheel yet, but my money is on the following:

Hugo – plenty of red energy with a bit of yellow

Monty – I’d say the opposite, a balance of blue and green

Joel – A little bit harder to say but I’d go for yellow as first preference followed by green/red

John – I reckon yellow with red following closely behind

Whatever their results, which we’ll know soon, we’ll be using the tool to ensure their differences build team resilience, not undermine it.

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May 2016

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